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Click the LINK!!

Nate38Omega a posted Feb 7, 14

For those of you who didn't click the link HERE IT IS AGAIN. Read the entire post before replying. And you should reply.

DNAStudios http://thenightinggales.enjin.com/home How about you guys go here ...
Hey guys I got some great news

1: As soon as I get permission from Nate or Sean, me, Curtis, and Dustin will begin running the brand new HephGaming server

I have already made up a list of rules and regulations and as soon as i get the go ahead i will post them aswell as how to apply for staff and creative perms

2: If we're gonna bring back the server we're gonna need members so anyone who can get intouch with the HephGamers old and new and bring them back to the forums the sooner we can return to normal

Hope to see you all soon

MOTHER911 i cant wait! i might just have to start playing mc again
Vince C. Hey ...
DNAStudios please dont spam the comment box

Server Is Gone...

NOODLEDUDE229 a posted Nov 6, 13
Hey guys, all of you that have hope for Heph for some reason, not understand why it is shutdown.
1. Lack Of Funds - We didn't have the donators we needed.

2. Lost Interest - Many players abandoned Heph.

3. Amount Of time - Nate didn't just make this server with a click of a button

Well guys, as of now (Well more like August) there will Be No HephGaming Server. If you want to try, you can contact Nate for donations but most likely it will be Shutdown Permanantly as you can see i re - quoted Nate's saying in the Shout Box

I Will Definately Miss You All. If you want to contact me, tell me and i will give you my contact information

 President Of HephGaming
DNAStudios yes i am pretty sure we have the ability to run it i checked with the guys and they want to know if Nate still has the o ...
DNAStudios Well guys I know Curtis can run a server but im not sure of his ability on keeping it up all the time it may be a " ...
zorroad soz guys i havn't been on in a while, is there a temp server?
Name: Heph Gaming Madness

In addition to this, staff members from the MC server who intend to play on the TF2 server can be given varying levels of access to the server through the hosting site. This can be used to add maps to the rotation, change the current map, kick/ban/unban players, and enter commands into the server console. If you held rank when the MC server went down (assist mod and up) let me know if you are interested in server priviledges for TF2.
DNAStudios nate im starting to think this is a waste of funds. no offense i love tf2 but no one will play if no one else is online ...
DNAStudios look it up google it
shonal Wtf is steam ???

Tekkit Map Loss

Nate38Omega a posted Aug 7, 13
Unfortunately, the Tekkit map has been lost. I had cancelled the server with the old host several months ago, however we still had several months left. In the recent changes I got the final date mixed up with other plans. An older backup exists, which I will upload to a new server this weekend. The backup, sadly, is from April 28. I advise everyone to seriously look at this forum post and decide if we still want a Tekkit Server, or if we would like to try something different.

DNAStudios i say we start a pixelmon server i could easily design i whole shop and healing system for it with my experience
speaking of which get everyone over to my forums and ill provide you with a link to a server
thanks for the correction.
okay you guys are really trying to kill me now ive already said if anyone wants me to go to my forums at the link i provided
Colin, the shoutbox is used for short announcements. If you wish to have people reply in sincere please use the forums. And/or contact them thru message via HephGaming forums
everyone go to that link for a server ip
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